Activate numpad on startup

Hi all,

I recently switched from Ubuntu to Crunchbang as main distribution for my home computer and I may even talk a bit more about it in a later post ;)

The main topic here is that my num pad wad not activated by default on boot, and I had to tap Verr. Num on each login. My password  having numbers, it quickly became quite boring . . .

Running Ubuntu, the solution was quite simple  : installing the numlockx package from the main repository.

Gaving Debian now, I tried the same :

{% highlight bash %}
$sudo apt-get install numlockx
{% endhighlight %}

The package did install actually, but seems like it was not enough. . .

To run on startup, this module had to be added to the list of apps to be started after the X server .

On my Openbox based Crunchbang, the solution was to edit my to add a new line :

{% highlight bash %}
$ echo "(sleep 5s && numlock) &" \

{% endhighlight %}

That's all !