My name Julien Lengrand-Lambert, and I am a french 31 year old guy living in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I live there for 6 years with my girlfriend and my cat. And at the end of September 2016, I became the father of a little thing that keeps us awake at night and brings us all of the love in the world.

My purpose is to build islands where knowledge turns into value, and nerds are the heroes.

I work at ING during the day as an IT Chapter Lead, and I am responsible for coaching a team of about 15 engineers as well as being an engineer myself. I am also the cofounder of Skyai, a company where we help people gather insights using images coming from space. We do a lot with sustainability, and in the last months we have been focusing on ESGs.

I am originally an Image Processing engineer, and I used to develop low footprint algorithms on embedded platforms. I also worked in automatic sea mine detection in the past and published papers in conferences. I love building things, creating performant teams, but most of all solving people's problems. During my free time, you can find me coding, organizing meetups and bouldering.

I try to write blog posts regularly, and be active on Twitter as well; but I must admit that I usually prefer building stuff!

Some of my projects include :

  • SkyAI, a startup that aims at generating sustainability insights for businesses, municipalities and countries using satellite imagery.
  • Computer Vision companies, an evergrowing list that I curate for almost 10 years. I get a lot of emails about it :).
  • OpenCVPlanet, a twitter account that gathers blog posts from famous computer vision experts.

I love solving real problems, and am always searching for the next challenge. So feel free to contact me, I'd be glad to have a word with you.