Keysonic keyboard and Linux problems

After having moved to my new flat last year, I bought a new computer to replace the old laptop I kept during my studies. And to fit with my neon tubes I chose a blue backlight keybord from Keysonic, the KSX-6001 .

Running Windows, no problem. The keyboard is just what I wanted, allowing fast typing with its rough keys. I am really happy with it.

But running Linux, impossible to get the keyboard working. . . I could use it during the Grub and it was correctly detected by lsusb, but impossible to use it after loading the kernel.

I mailed the customer service from Keysonic and got an answer the very day after :

The keyboard embeds a "gaming mode" that is designed to forbid ghost keys. And this mode it not functional on UNIX systems, it has to be deactivated on startup.

  • Deactivation : ctrl+alt+shift+n
  • Activation : ctrl+alt+shift+g

Conclusion :

  • This Keysonic keyboard is simply awesome. It allows fast typing while being quite cheap (less than 20 euros). Huge bonus : Customer service is nice and reactive.
  • I got a free bonus security mode for my computer :D. It was not expected, but strangers won't be able to use my keyboard without knowing the tip :D
This is really awesome :p


See ya ;)