Pombo : How to get your stolen computer back!

Hi all,

A small article today to let you know about a Pombo, in case you wouldn't know about yet.

Pombo is a "magic app" ,that might be compared to the screenshare option of the mac mobileme service.

Basically, Pombo is a deamon that will be started automatically on your computer. It will automatically grab and store several data such as screenshots, gps track, IP addresses, ....

Then, it compresses and uploads them automatically to whatever web server you want.

In case your computer is stolen, it is then easy to get information back as soon as your stealer switch the computer on.


Pretty handy for laptops, or computers containing critical informations!

The only con of this application in my mind is that you have to let a deamon run in background of your computer at startup.

Now, you only have to hope that the stealer will startup the computer at least once, and not directly erase the content of the disk :s.


Try it and let me know about your opinion!