Relocating to the Netherlands

Hi all,

Long time no see !
I stayed silent those last days for the simple reason that I relocated to the Netherlands.
Two years ago, I spent some months working at TNO in underwater mine recognition. The internship took place in The Hague and I discovered how fascinating life could be outside of your native country.I should write more soon about the results of this project:).

Back in France, I realized that each day I was missing international life more and more and my girlfriend and me finally took the decision to relocate abroad as soon as possible

It appears that the first opportunity we got was (once again) in the Netherlands. How small the world can be ^^!So I quit my Job and left France 8 days ago to 's-HertogenBosch where my GF found her job.
Now that I 'm somehow installed and currently searching for a new Position in the Netherlands; you should see more posts coming :).

Those days without official job is an excellent oportunity to finally get on with some of the items that lie on my TODO list for months :). Here are some new goals for the coming weeks :

  • Start a project using Google App Engine (Python side, of course). My idea is to create a Job Dashboard using the power of Google's tools.
  • Set up a complete productive environment. I kept reading about productivity in software those months, and I have some posts to write about :).
  • Contribute to the Open Source software in pushing at least one patch.
  • Get back to jogging and push ups , and start learning dutch . . .
I will come back to you as soon as I achieve some of those objectives :).

Now, back to work. Seems like there is much to be done !