XBMC won't leave me ever again

After almost ten years without a TV, I finally bought a 101cm Samsung last week-end.

Not that I feel the need for it that much, but being in the process of learning dutch I thought it might be a valuable tool. See, there are not that many dutch movies out there, so the best way to listen to some nederlands at home is probably national TV :).

I bought the simplest TV I could find, without Smart TV or any tuner in it. But with such a screen, installing some kind of media server was now mandatory :D. So I installed the last version of Xbmcbuntu on an old laptop that was sleeping on a shelf for a year and connected it on my screen through HDMI. Within 30 minutes, the distribution was installed and running fine. Ten minutes more and I had the remote control installed and set up on my android and could throw the mouse away. Next step was to get an add-on to use Spotify, which was also really simple to find. My choice went to Spotimc. Just download the zip, put it on your media server and you're basically done.

I had no experience at all with media server in the past, and I must say that I am really impressed how well thought the whole thing can be. When adding movies to the library, xbmc will automatically download the subtitles and covers for it. Better than that, it will display them nicely in the background as you browse through your library!

I already know which project I'll donate to next month :).

And as a bonus, here are some pictures to convert you too :)

XBMC movie library
XBMC main screen